John’s work has appeared in a range of Art and editorial publications as varied as Fabrik and S Magazine and he has held solo exhibitions in the US and Japan.

John Klukas was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Currently, he lives and works between Bangkok and New York City. Shortly after receiving his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 2004 he began exploring photography as a creative medium. His interest in pursuing photography professionally brought him first to Bangkok, Thailand and then to New York City. He works primarily in Fashion Photography.



I begin an image usually with a sketch from a dream and from there I pull together my team, cast a model and build the environment in which the image is to take place.

Klukas’ photographic exploration focuses on non-linear narratives investigating subconscious phenomena - stories of death and rebirth, falls and re-emergence, personal transcendence and transformation. These stories have at their heart a fundamental interest in the constraints of the culture and are often allegory for the competing demands of the social order and the need for individual expression. He investigates these concepts from the point of view of a surrealist, using dreams and visions as the basis for much of his work. He focuses on archetypal characters and stories and how they continue to influence contemporary understanding of our experiences and environments.

His interest in these topics initially drove him to explore the mind and its reaction to lived experience through Psychology; ‘psychology and surrealism are both linked by the essential notion that our unconscious moments are often more illuminating than our lucid ones.’ (John Klukas) Many of his series are an exploration of the darker currents and tensions that run through our minds, presenting themselves in dreams. This interest currently manifests through his photographic works as well as three-dimensional images in the form of sculpture.

I believe that, more often than not, the deepest truths are communicated through illusions. With this in mind, I aim to create things that do not really exist – a physical representation of a vision or dream.

John often invents lighting schemes and camera techniques to support the realization of his images. These settings do not exist in reality; hence he cannot use traditional means to document them. Rather, he must go outside of the normal boundaries regarding how a camera is used and instead use its unique characteristics to distort and blur reality to create his images.

Currently, he is trying to increase the visceral impact and further develop the narratives present in his images. He is exploring how far he can bring the camera into his dreams and how well he can document things that don’t exist and have never happened. Photographs of surreal scenes are inherently confusing to the viewer, as they create a conflict between what one knows, that which isn’t real, and what one views: it is documented and therefore exists. This temporary disorientation provides a catalyst to jolt the mind from its usual state, allowing a shift in consciousness. Thus, when people see John’s work, he would like it to act as a mirror, one that reflects elements of themselves, whether conscious and acknowledged or otherwise. He wishes for his work to provide that rare window into what lies beneath.

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