Introducing FEIN Collections’ Newest Artist: Miles Critchley-Hope

"When first meeting Miles, I was taken aback by his strikingly exceptional work" - Danielle L. Newns-Fein

When first meeting Miles, I was taken aback by his strikingly exceptional work. However, his young age caused me to pause when considering representing his artistic ventures. As I got to know him, though, I realised that Miles is very mature for his years.

Traveling on one’s own the way he has, literally around the world, in order to satisfy a hunger he harbours for his intricate conceptualisations of the world that eventually manifest into his final artworks has bestowed upon him a perspicuity that many lack. Miles Critchley-Hope might be younger than the artists that I’ve taken on in FEIN Collections, however his stunning artistic wisdom, unique medium and willingness to venture into the unknown is the reason that his youth is an asset to FEIN.

Miles Critchley-Hope, twenty-three years old, has just been selected for representation by FEIN Collections [made in new york city]. A recent graduate of Falmouth University, his work has always gravitated towards landscapes; as his father works in the surveying and mapping industry, as a child he was surrounded by topographical studies. As he developed as an artist, however, Miles found that there was ‘some blockade in photography’s progression.’ Seeking a way to break away from conventional compositions and the landscapes they portrayed, Miles has felt strongly that he was embarking on new avenue for photography. He continues this embarkation with the desire to push its possibilities. And push them he has: his desire was a catalyst for him to travel around the world to expand his portfolio and to broaden the definition of photography ‘insofar as photography and art become synonymous within my work.’

One of the particular originalities of Miles’ work is his enticement to use unconventional substrates upon which to display it. He has utilised unconventional materials such as glass, MDF, steel checker plate, woven fabrics and even ceramics. He believes that the utilisation of these materials accentuates his work’s unique qualities and aesthetics, also encouraging the unity of photography and art: ‘I think my style of work should be described as innovative. I see the world changing more and more as we continue to shape it to our desired use and I think to translate this into works of art takes a degree of boldness as I explore something new in the photographic community.’

As with many artists, Miles finds inspiration in a myriad of venues and circumstances, treasuring potential new possibilities wherever he finds himself.

However, imperative to his work is the Anthropocene era we now live in:[1] ‘I wouldn’t say that I’m entirely against it, nor do I fully agree with it; I see it as a way of life we have made for ourselves and so I see my work as a commentary of our relationship with the world around us, for better and for worse,’ he has stated. Therefore, Miles would like to see the natural step going forward as beginning to combine the artificial and organic within the same frame. He has already begun to plan where next to travel in order to explore ways in which to achieve this. Thus, when questioned regarding that which he aims to convey through his work, Miles responded: ‘[t]he philosophy/message I aim to convey through my work is an awareness but also acceptance of what we have done and are doing to the environment we depend on. I don’t mean to discourage change at all, but I would like viewers to leave my work thinking more about the materials and process used in day-to-day products.’ Miles therefore aims to spark in his viewers a moment of realisation and awe for how capable humanity is. An ‘awakening’ and appreciation to what he sees as the ‘pros and cons of modern life.’

Miles Connects with FEIN Collections

When I first met Danielle and was introduced to the works of her collection of artists, I knew that it was the place I wanted to be. In my eyes, the sheer diversity and mastery of artists within FEIN Collections is something to behold...

'I think to be a part of something so varied and accomplished is a treasured honour; in a world so saturated with mediocre photography and art, it is beyond rare to be a part of a collection of artists who share a passion to stretch possibilities and definitions of their chosen crafts. It’s that type of strive and momentum that resonates with me.

‘I think the fervour for creation shared between FEIN’s artists is what makes our work complement one another’s. I see so many galleries that create coherency through aesthetic, and so all the work blends into one. However, with FEIN, individuality is celebrated and with that celebration comes diversity and with that diversity comes ground-breaking artworks. I would just like to express my deep appreciation for FEIN Collections. Being so young in the art world can be disorientating and even crushing at times, but with FEIN I feel guided rather than pushed; there is a level of understanding here that I do not see in many places. Photographic work is so diluted nowadays and so having something as original as my creations in a place that celebrates and encourages creative evolution is not only rewarding but inspiring.’

  1. The Anthropocene Epoch is an unofficial unit of geologic time, used to describe the most recent period in Earth's history when human activity started to have a significant impact on the planet's climate and ecosystems.