FEIN Collections presents its first Solo Exhibit: Dancing on the Razor’s Edge by David Hansen

This video was serendipitously captured 1 June 2024, at the opening of FEIN Collections’ three-week long solo exhibit of Featured Artist David Hansen’s Dancing on the Razor’s Edge. Here, Danielle L. Newns Fein and David Hansen chat about their meeting, how they came to work together and why this solo-exhibit is poignant as FEIN Collections’ first.

Dancing on the Razor’s Edge is FEIN Collections’ formal re-introduction of David Hansen’s artwork to the international art market. Danielle is particularly intrigued by the myriad of media David uses to achieve his detailed works manifesting his beguile of man’s destruction of nature and to one another. There exists a surrealist tension in his works depicting abstract landscapes; they are constantly on the verge of – something.

Hansen’s works posit in perpetuity the question as to whether redemption of man’s character would be possible in the dystopic world he creates.

David and Danielle met simply on the evening of 8 October 2009 at a bar called the Reservoir in New York’s Greenwich Village which they now, lovingly, call the ‘Res.’ Through the discovery of his artwork, she solidified her previous concept that eventually grew into FEIN Collections. Hence: [made in new york city].

The night of 8 October 2009, artistic intellectualism drew conversations late into the evening, during which David Hansen and Danielle Fein forged a dynamic friendship that has endured to this day. At this juncture, Danielle has established personal friendships with each of the seven Featured Artists whom she represents at FEIN Collections [made in new york city]. She looks forward to promoting each artist’s individual and unique methods and talents through FEIN Collections in Bruton, Somerset and beyond.

Dancing on the Razor's Edge Exhibit Book

Copies of FEIN Collections’ Exhibit Book for Dancing on the Razor’s Edge (both signed and unsigned) are available for purchase; please call the gallery or email info@feincollections.com for more information. The exhibit runs until the 21st of June 2024.

All works are available for acquisition.